Unprecedented Oil Paintings, Drawings, and Sculptures 

Willis Washington works with oils, charcoal, and watercolor. He also dabbles in sculpting. He favors the impressionistic and abstract art styles, but is not limited to them. His singular style and perspective are lauded by many and he receives numerous portraiture requests as well as inquiries to purchase his celebrity portraits. Some of the celebrities he has captured the essence of in his paintings include the following:

Halle Berry - Gloria Swanson - Marilyn Monroe - Prince

The Road Ahead for Willis' Art

He is now sharing his private collection-called The Washington Collective based on his hairdressing days-and is preparing to open a studio in New York, New York, next year. He currently has about 10 pictures for sale, and their prices range from $320 to $1,000. You can look forward to more new art from Willis in the future. Some of his upcoming work is going to include pieces inspired by his faith.


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