The Washington Collective

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About the Artist

Willis Washington is a hairstylist, artist, and the founder of The Washington Collective in New York, New York. You'll love the unique visions of his artwork, now available for purchase.

Artistic & Expressive

Willis has a collection of around 100 different oil and watercolor paintings in an impressionist style. Focusing on the human form, his works range from individual portraits to depictions of the body, as well as people in unique landscapes, often captured outside using the plein air painting method. From the Forum and Coliseum in Rome to the sights of London, he has traveled the world painting famous architecture and scenery. Other subjects include unique trees from different countries, famous Hollywood movie stars both past and present, and scenes from old movies. Sometimes he takes his camera with him to shoot photographs that will later become paintings.

Developing His Style

Over the years, he has evolved as an artist. Having started out doing oil paintings, he expanded into watercolors, which add mystery to his work. Watercolor paper also brings out the beauty of the paint better and reflects his personality and style as an artist. Contact us if you are interested in having Willis paint your ideas or something of interest to you, such as a favorite picture of your mother or something to hang in your office.